Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hip Hop in the Ville #5-Tha City Paper

Tha City Paper
-Written by Crystal Walker
Paper is making head waves in Nashville,Tn. Growing up on the north and west side of Nashville, he slowly began to plant his seeds without even knowing. Around 1996/1997 while in high school, Paper was dating the cousin of a rapper named Pistol. He was also cool with Pistol's cousins who was apart of a group called,"PJN", whom Pistol created. Paper began to listen in a lot, and slowly but surely his interest for rap was peaking. He later became apart of that group as well. Over time, he featured on plenty of Pistol's tracks, and slowly made a name for himself. He has made many songs, including, "City Paper (dope boy swagg)", and "Lil Bo Tuff". He has a mix tape entitled,"Dopaman" with D.J. Scream. His 2012 projects will bring his listeners "Dopaman II", a mix tape that will be released early March. Also, another mix tape he has in motion will give the artist around him a chance to shine as well. It will include City Papa with Generation X collaborations, and artist within his community that will make a special appearance. Paper is well aware that none of his success would be possible if it wasn't for Pistol putting him on and pushing him to become who he is today. He is taking that gratitude to do the same for the artists around him. He feels he can do for them what Pistol did for him. His respect for the rap game allows him to see the struggle that artists may go through when they are trying to make it on their own. He knows it could be years before someone could be noticed by their own community, so he feels he can help as much as possible.

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